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Mainstream Digicom - Yealink - MP54 -

Yealink MP54-TEAMS

Yealink MP54 microsoft phones, powered by Android 12, offers an upgraded user experience with faster response times and seamless interactive experiences. Android 12's enhanced security features protect sensitive data from malicious attacks, ensuring a secure and stable operating environment. Stay ahead in the security race with the trusted Yealink MP54.

Mainstream Digicom - Grandstream GRP2602W -

GrandStream GRP-2602W

2-Line Essential IP Phone Designed for Mass Deployment and Easy Management The GRP2602 features 5-way voice conferencing to maximize productivity, integrated PoE (GRP2602P/GRP2602G), Wi-Fi support (GRP2602W), and is supported by Grandstream’s Device Management System (GDMS).

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