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VoIP is About More Than Just the Price

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gxp2170_expansion_moduleBy Peter ScottBusiness VoIP Contributor

There are more reasons for adopting VoIP than you might realize.

Two of the biggest reasons for VoIP adoption are clearly understood: cost savings and call quality. VoIP calls typically cost less because they use the Internet instead of a dedicated phone line, which cuts down on resource use and calling fees that make traditional calling more expensive. VoIP calls also offer the potential for higher quality voice because digital calling can include more data than an analogue call, setting the scene for what is known as “HD voice.”

There are other reasons for migrating to VoIP, however, as a recent Nextiva blog post notes, 5 Underrated VoIP Features That Will Improve Your Productivity: VoIP comes with a bevy of features that traditional calls lack.

Some of the features that are powerful but not always recognized include call me now functionality, custom ringbacks, push-to-talk, call pickup and call parking.

In this age where the lines between web sites and phones have blurred, call me now functionality can be a potent sales and customer care feature. With call me now, users and potential customers can click on a link and initiate a call to the business. This cuts down on friction and makes it easier to call, something that benefits both sales and customer service departments.

Custom ringbacks also are commonly included with VoIP but go unnoticed. A pity.

With custom ringbacks, a business can have custom music or verbal recordings play while the call is connected. Instead of the typical ringing sound, businesses can use those crucial few seconds for informational purposes or to pipe through a marketing message. This is prime time that typically is wasted with non-VoIP calling solutions.

Another valuable VoIP feature is push-to-talk. Back in the days when Nextel was a wireless carrier looking to gain market share against its bigger rivals, one of the most mentioned reasons for choosing the carrier was its push-to-talk functionality that let customers easily connect with each other by the press of a button instead of having to dial a number and wait. This walkie-talkie functionality had substantial advantages, especially for service organizations, and today this push-to-talk functionality can be had by any business that embraces a quality VoIP service such as Nextiva.

Call pickup and call parking also are examples of useful VoIP features that seldom get considered during the telecommunications selection process. With call pickup, businesses users can enter a star code to answer any phone that is ringing in the network, and call parking allows a user to park a call in a particular extension, freeing up the original line.

These are just some of the features that make VoIP attractive beyond just price and call quality. There are many more, too.


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