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Mindfulness App Aura for Sale on Android

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Aura, a highly rated app for mindfulness and mental health, just became available on Android and is currently on sale.

This app uses machine learning to adapt its help to individual users. It was developed by ‘meditation experts’ includes mood tracking and three-minute mindfulness meditation guides.

It got a 5-star rating on the app store after it was released for Apple this February.

For the next few days, the Android version is on sale for $59.99 for a lifetime subscription, $49.99 for two years, and $29.99 for one year. The sale ends on June 21st.

Our phones are often accused of being a source of anxiety, but most of us carry them pretty much everywhere, and not doing so is rarely practical. So their consistent presence in our lives may also make them a great way to help ourselves find calm and focus.

Aura and other mental health apps can be a good resource for those with anxiety or other mental health issues, whether it’s a clinical diagnosis or not. It can also be useful for those who may not need (or be able to access) more formal treatment like therapy or medication, but still want to work on their mental wellbeing.

Mindfulness has gained popularity in recent years as a coping skill for anxiety and other mental health problems. It involves directing one’s awareness in an intentional way.Guided meditation, such as the meditation in Aura, is one of multiple ways that mindfulness can be practiced. It can be difficult to consistently practice coping skills like mindfulness (sometimes for the same reasons those coping skills are needed), so an app like Aura will likely help to many who struggle with stress.

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