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How To Break Up With Your Landline

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How to break up with your landline

In today’s business world, landlines are becoming almost as obsolete as external hard drives and dial up. According to Associated Press, New York state has seen a 55% drop in landline phones over the past decade. Some estimate that landlines will be completely obsolete by 2025. At my house, iPhones have placed our landline, but cell phone bills add up quickly and don’t always work well for businesses.

If you run a small business, landlines can be surprisingly expensive and cell phones can be impractical (our basement office is cell phone dead zone). So here are some great alternatives to traditional landline phone services to consider:


VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is probably the most widely used landline alternative, especially among businesses. VoIP takes the audio voice signals from speech and turns them into digital data which is transmitted through a broadband internet connection. The biggest advantage to VoIP systems is the cost. International calls using VoIP are usually very inexpensive, and machine to machine calls are usually free (making them great for international businesses). Many believe that VoIP will soon replace landline phones entirely.VoIP can be used through analog telephone adaptors (ATA) or for computer-to-computer communication.

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