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Feature Codes

Call Feature codes*

*Note: Feature codes for VoIP systems can vary depending on your PBX system and SIP phone.

Call Transfer

*2 (Attended Transfer), ## (Blind Transfer) Transfer button + extension or phone number

Call Forwarding

*72 (to activate) / *73 (to deactivate)


*98 or *97 (to access voicemail)

Call Waiting

*70 (to activate) / *71 (to deactivate)

Conference Calling

Initiated by soft-key on phone

Video Calling

Usually a feature of the dialer app or device, not code-based

Call Recording

*1 (to start recording in some systems)

Speed Dial

Programmed on the phone, not typically using a feature code

Do Not Disturb

*78 (to activate) / *79 (to deactivate)

Caller Blocking

*30 (Blacklist a number ) *31 (Remove a number from the blacklist )

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