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Call Features

(Interactive Voice Response) IVR

An auto-attendant with menus and options, often used for customer service.


An automated system that answers calls and provides a menu of options for the caller to choose from.

Music on Hold

Plays music or messages for callers to listen to while they are on hold.

Caller ID

Displays the phone number or name of the incoming caller.

Call Forwarding

Redirects a call to another phone number if the option is activated or if original number is busy or not answered.


Send or receive faxes over the internet.

Voicemail to Email

Sends a copy of your voicemail to your email, as an audio file or transcribed text.

Call Recording

Records phone conversations for later review or record-keeping.


Allows callers to leave a recorded message if the call is not answered.

Call Waiting

Notifies you of an incoming call while you are on another call, allowing you to hold the current call and answer the new one.

Conference Calling

Enables multiple people to participate in the same call, making it ideal for group discussions or meetings.

Video Calling

Offers real-time video along with audio, allowing for face-to-face communication over the internet.

Call Transfer

Allows you to transfer a call to another phone number or extension.

Speed Dial

Lets you assign specific phone numbers to keys or positions for quick dialing.

Do Not Disturb

Temporarily stops incoming calls, sending them directly to voicemail or another predetermined destination.

Find Me/Follow Me

Routes calls to multiple numbers (like office, mobile, home) sequentially or simultaneously to ensure you're reachable wherever you are.

Number Portability

Allows you to keep your existing phone number when switching to a VoIP service.

Caller Blocking

Enables you to block specific phone numbers from calling you.

E911 Service

Enhanced 911 service that automatically provides emergency services with your location information.

HD Voice

Provides high-definition sound quality for clearer and more natural-sounding voice calls.

Call Screening

Allows you to see who is calling and choose how to treat the call (answer, reject, forward).

Anonymous Call Rejection

Blocks calls from unidentified numbers.

Call Queue

Places incoming calls in a line when all lines are busy, often used in customer service.


Enables making and receiving calls using a computer or mobile device instead of a traditional phone.

Group Paging and Intercom

Allows you to make announcements to a group or use the system as an intercom.

Customizable Call Routing

Personalize how calls are routed based on time, day, caller ID, and more.

Remote Office

Allows you to use your VoIP system from remote locations, maintaining the same functionalities as if in the office.

Call Park and Retrieve

Lets you put a call on hold at one phone and continue the conversation from another phone.

Extension Dialing

Enables calling within an organization using short extension numbers.

Call Detail Records/Logs

Provides detailed records of incoming and outgoing calls, including duration, time, and phone numbers.

Network Failover

Automatically redirects calls to a preset number in case of a network failure.


Integrates with websites or emails, allowing users to make calls by simply clicking on a phone number.

Mobile App Integration

Use VoIP services on your mobile device through dedicated apps.

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